Government Programs (SBA, State of MA)

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Local businesses are the centerpiece of our country’s economy, responsible for creating more jobs than the largest corporations in America. Dedham Savings has always recognized the importance of this, and since our founding, has supported local businesses. One of the ways Dedham Savings can support your business is by guiding you to the right Government Loan Program from the United States (like the Small Business Administration - SBA) or the State of Massachusetts (like the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation – MGCC).

These loan programs include:

  • Guaranteed Loans - Loans that are guaranteed by the SBA or MGCC yet provided by private lenders and banks like Dedham Savings.
  • Direct Loans - These loans should only be considered after a business has attempted to secure a loan through a bank or private lender. In this situation, you will be requesting a loan directly from the SBA.  
In addition to the programs listed above, there are often other programs available through the SBA that target specific groups. Consult with us for more information. Click here to view a Quick Reference Guide to SBA Loan Programs on the Dedham Savings Financial Answer Center.

To learn about how Small Business Administration (SBA), state or community business programs might assist your business, call Alex Cavallini at 781.320.4832 and ask to speak with a member of our Business Banking Team.

To learn more about how your civic, community development or economic development organization can work with Dedham Savings to support local business initiatives and businesses in your community, call 781.320. 4888 to speak with Beverly Somerville, Vice President, CRA Officer.