Cash Management


To learn about cash management, please contact
Charlie Toczylowski or Marcella Musto, our Business Banking Specialists, or visit any one of our branches.

Manage your company’s cash flow efficiently, keep costs down and grow your bottom line with these effective cash management tools and services:

  • Remote Deposit Capture: Perform transactions anytime, anywhere with a portable scanner.
  • Business Debit MasterCard®: Make larger business purchases, conduct business online, by phone or via mail and withdraw cash at ATMs.
  • Deposit Escrow with Sub Accounting: Streamline client deposits safely and securely.
  • Online Banking: Transfer funds, pay bills and view your check images and statements on your mobile device or computer.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH): Initiate payments and collections.
  • Wire Transfers: Send wire transfers without even coming into the Bank.
  • Platinum Plus Business Credit Card: For large or unexpected expenses.