Business Checking Accounts

Whether you manage a small or large business, you need a checking account to pay bills and follow your monthly transactions. Whether you are writing or printing checks, conducting transactions online, at the ATM, or by phone, we have a business checking account that is right for you.

We offer:

  • Basic Business Checking: Designed for small businesses or sole proprietors who have a small number of transactions.
  • Traditional Business Checking: Ideal for larger businesses with higher transaction volumes.
  • Non-Profit NOW Checking: Designed for 501c3 organizations.

No matter what your business checking needs are, we can provide a checking account that works for you.

Please see a comparison chart of our business checking accounts below.


Basic Business Checking

Designed for smaller businesses or sole proprietors who have a minimum number of transactions.

  • No monthly maintenance charges**
  • No charge per deposit

  • 400 FREE transactions* each statement cycle
  • No minimum balance required

Traditional Business Checking

Ideal for larger businesses with higher transaction volumes.

  • Low monthly maintenance fee**
  • Low transaction fees**

  • Monthly fees can be reduced or eliminated by maintaining a higher deposit balance, which generates an earnings credit**

Non-Profit NOW Checking

Designed for non-profit organizations.

  • A business NOW checking that pays a competitive rate**

  • FREE of service charge when $700 balance is maintained

*Transactions include checks paid, ACH debits, ATM withdrawals, debit/POS transactions, deposits and deposited items made at ATMs.

**For more information, see current rate sheet and fee schedule.