All Star Savers

You want to teach your kids good savings habits and encourage them to learn how to manage their money. You also want to make it fun for them to save. Dedham Savings has the All Star Savers program with kids in mind.

Here’s how kids can get started as All Star Savers:

  • Open a passbook savings account with an initial deposit, keep $1.00 or more on account, and you’ll receive interest on all your deposits.
  • Receive a special All Star Savers passbook.
  • Get a FREE gift for joining

When does the fun start?

  1. The fun starts with the first FREE gift.
  2. As kids increase the amount in their accounts, they receive additional FREE gifts.
  3. Dedham Savings hosts bank visits and other educational and fun activities to keep our All Star Savers involved in watching their money grow.

It’s easy to get started. Visit any branch for more information.