Passbook Savings

Remember the thrill of opening up your very first bank account? As soon as you could print your name, you could get a savings account of your very own. Chances are, it came with a passbook that you could carefully review each time you deposited your birthday money or took out a few dollars to buy holiday gifts.

We think passbook savings accounts are a great option for our new savers, whether it’s a youngster you know or someone who is just getting started on a savings plan.

Here’s how a passbook savings works:

  • Make your initial deposit, keep $10. or more on account, and you’ll receive interest on your deposits.
  • All activities to your account, deposits, withdrawals, or interest posting, will be recording in your passbook.
  • You can make unlimited deposits and withdrawals.

How do I get started on saving with a passbook account?

Visit any of our branch offices for more information.